Feel safe with Firescreen®

Firescreen® fire curtains prevent fire and smoke from spreading. The primary goal of Firescreen® is to protect people. But the fire and smoke curtains also limit damage to buildings and property and thus avoid an interruption in business activity. 

Firescreen® is a roll-down, fire-resistant curtain that is made from fireproof, high quality fabric. It operates on the same principles as a fire-resistant roller shutter, but is a more cost effective solution. Withstanding temperatures of more than 1000 °C the fire curtain will have a major contribution to the fire resistance of the total construction.

  • Firescreen® Temperature (EI)

    Firescreen Temperature (EI)
    • Creating an evacuation route
    • Creating an assault route for the fire service
    • Insulation without a sprinkler system
    • Reducing costs (no sprinkler)
    • Fire partition when extending an industrial building
    • Meets fire rating EN1634-1
    • Meets reaction to fire EN-13501 –1 
  • Firescreen® Radiation (EW)

    Firescreen Radiation (EW)
    • Lightweight material
    • Compact
    • Easy to install
    • Greater design freedom
    • Meets fire rating EN1634-1
    • Meets reaction to fire EN-13501 –1 
  • Firescreen® Flame (E)

    Firescreen Flame (E)
    • Fire curtain with the smallest dimensions in the market
    • Sleek design
    • Bottom bar as flat insert in casing
    • Meets fire rating EN1634-1
    • Meets material classification A1 (EN13501-1)
    • Very attractively priced


  • Firescreen® Smoke (S)

    Firescreen Smoke (S)
    • 120 minutes smoke resistant
    • Suitable for ventilating shafts in combination with
    • Smoke- and/or heat extraction installation
    • Tested in accordance with EN 12101-1
    • Smoke curtain S1 (single curtain)
    • Smoke curtain S2 (strip curtain) 
  • Firelock®

    • 30/60/90/120 minutes fire resistant
    • EW classification (EN 1634-1)
    • Physical fire shutter
    • Gravity Fail Safe - GFS
    • Customized control options
    • Easy to install, use and manitain
  • EN 1634-1 & EN 13501-1
  • Attractively priced