The primary objective of a fire shutter is to protect people and property by containing the fire and prevent if from spreading. Firelock® B120E fire shutter achieve this through a connection to the fire alarm system, so it will close and form a physical barrier on receipt of an alarm signal. The Firelock® B120E fire shutter is constructed from a double wall galvanized steel section and reinforced with a rock wool insulation.

Key features

Installation: To the wall or to the ceiling
Application: Airports, retail, food processing, petrochemical, underground stations and storage units.
Purpose:  Designed for improved protection from fire and smoke for a specific period of time.
Fire resistance: In accordance with EN 1634-1; and complies with criteria;
- Integrity E 132 minutes
- Heat radiation limitation W 132 minutes
Test results: IFC (FTR/9741/02) according to EN 1634-1:2001
Maximum Size:

- 30 / 60 minutes, 4000mm x 4250mm (wxh)
- 90 / 120 minutes, Upon request

Material: Double wall galvanized steel reinforced with a rock wool insulation.
Lath thickness: 22 mm.
Lath height:  100 mm.
Sheet thickness: 0.8 mm double wall.
Weight/m²: approx. 30 kg / m².
Safety device: According to EN 12604 and EN 12605.
Side guides: Galvanized steel with intumescing insulating material (119 x 79 x 119mm).
Bottom rail: Steel U-profile.












Appart from the general application as a physical fire shutter, the Firelock® B120E is the ideal fire shutter for conveyor systems at for instance airports. The shutter is integrated in the complete conveyor or bagage system and contains a custom-made interface suitable for all signals. For more information on this specific application, please follow the link: FIRELOCK ® B120E FOR BAGGAGE CONVEYOR SYSTEMS

  • Firelock B120E

    Maximum size:
    - 30/60 min 4000mm x 4250mm (WxH)
    - 90/120 min upon request